About 50 girls were standing in the dark hall way or sitting in booths with guys, a few familiar faces, Sasha, Edith ect.

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We were sitting at a booth looking at a banos dedicated to girls, peeking as they went in hotties out, powdering up at the mirror. Some of the girls don't seem they would normally work in HK especially pre-pandemic.

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She clenched her legs tight then lay her black leather hand bag on her lap; could not get my hand into her crotch. Was squeezing her perfect boobs but no kiss.

A few hot new girls showed up. Man, she looked so hot.

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Got her tel so will try her next week. Most girls were hurting for business.

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It was a different atmosphere chill, has positive and negative over the club. A few hottirs very hot young girls also just started working. Did not have enough time to check them out. Sexy fun can be had on 7th floor. Girls were hot, I like the hallway, it's better than the stairway where all the girls gathered in HK.

Thumping music was playing. Picked Yolanda de Sinaloa for a drink and grope session. Finally went to the 7th floor.

Hong kong hotties

She ordered a clamato. She's 20, no children, 5'2, lbs, very pretty face with eye glasses, soft, supple, perfectly proportioned body, nice natural boobs with pink tits, long sexy legs, perfect smooth light skin.

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About 50 girls were standing in the dark hall way or sitting in booths with guys, a big tit escorts virginia beach familiar faces, Sasha, Edith ect. She would be worth it, except I just homg a long and energetic session with a girl and a big dinner, so did not feel I could do her immediately.

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Just ask the meseros to turn on the air con machine in the room for cool air. Occasionally a girl will twirl herself around the dance pole to the music.

Hong kong hotties

She said only working this 1 week then go home. She drank her clamato quickly then split. Quite a few girls look tall, healthy, sexy, beautiful, good enough to be Playboy's Centerfolds or Penthouse pets mature japanese escort surrey the month. You can approach the one you bong easier.