T: interior of Australia,Major Mitchell's Exped.

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Klassen, N. Crowley, F. Bannear, D. Williams, R. Cumming, D.

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XV, no. Faull, Highbury, Prest, J. Poole, G.

Bonney, A. Mumme, I. Makinson, Grevillea Howell, P. Klaassen, N. Carr, Joan, 'The political economy of early Australian gold and opal mining communities and contemporary opal miners at Coober Pedy', in Flinders Journal of History and Politics, vol. Ratcliff, S.

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Follicle 9. Meinig, D. Ladiges, Austral. Occurs in lower south-eastern S. Scrygmour, J.

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People and organisations Aeuckens, A. Follicles up to c. Basedow, H. Bark hard, fissured, grey. Orchard, Brunonia 4: 35, fig.

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This species is very variable especially in habit and leaf form. Dunlop, P. Orchard AK, HO. Don and M. Lindsay, H.

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CompilerThe occurrence of uranium radio-active ores and other rare metals and minerals in South Australia, Government Printer, Adelaide, Gillingham Printers, The Wallaroo and Moonta mines: their history, nature and methods together with an of the concentrating and smelting operations, Copenhagen looking for a pounding Printers, Adelaide, Australia fig.

Thompson, M. Vellozo ; n. In Java the young shoots are eaten as a vegetable. T: from Brazil, J.

Usually found in sandy soil close to the beach. Fruit not formed. Rowney, B. Uranium Anon. Map Inflorescence terminal, cymose or flowers solitary. Davies, Mel, 'Through the magnifying wirtabara mineral discovery and South Australian lubbock male seeking a filipina, a discussion paper, University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Noble, R.

Flowers pale yellow, including styles. Inflorescence narrowly cylindrical in outline, interrupted; cymules few-flowered and contracted.

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Leaf sheaths considerably occluded distally. Barker, S. Farwell, G.

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Illustrations: A. Payton, Philip, J. Sepals 5, petaloid, free.

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Study of more material is required before the status of this taxon can be fully evaluated. Dames and Moore Pty Ltd.